Colfax City Council Reported Rejected Agenda 21

City Council Awakens to Evil and Defeats It

Noisy Room

The City of Colfax, CA reportedly defeated UN Agenda 21 by a 4-0 vote and passed Resolution No. 12-2012.

Ken Delfino, one of the City Councilmen, reportedly wrote a letter describing what he learned about UN Agenda 21 and urges others to educate themselves about it too.

You can help by sending these three items of information to your City Council Members. If they’re uninterested, be sure to campaign against them, so that they are defeated when they run for re-election.

1. Here is the reported letter in its entirety (a link to the letter is not yet available)…

…3. RESOLUTION No. 12-2012: City of Colfax, California (see page 21 at this link:

Read Councilman Delfino’s excellent letter and the rest of the article at NoisyRoom.


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