Combat veteran Democrat crossed Obama in Hawaii; now she’s paying a price

Tom Tillison
BizPac Review

It was only a matter of time.

President Obama‘s allies in the media have begun pushing back against U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic lawmaker from the president’s home state of Hawaii who has been sharply critical of the White House for its handling of the Islamic State’s campaign of terror.

Gabbard is a combat veteran who was deployed twice to Iraq, and it appeared that she was being given a pass after making multiple appearances on Fox News and CNN to denounce Obama for not using the term “radical Islam” to properly identify Islamic State militants…

According to Fox News, popular Hawaii radio talk show host Michael W. Perry said Gabbard committed “a mortal sin” by challenging Obama, and “now the knives are out.” He said that “while Gabbard is correct in her ‘emperor has no clothes’ moment, she may have lost her future seat on Hawaii’s political bench.”

Oahu-based Midweek columnist Bob Jones picked up on that theme by suggesting that Gabbard be challenged in 2016, Fox News reported. Not only that, he even diminished her service as a veteran…



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