Condoleezza Rice on Benghazi Massacre: Something Doesn’t Seem Quite Right

Jim Hoft

Condoleezza Rice spoke at the St. Louis Speakers Series sponsored by Maryville University on Tuesday night. After an hour-long address on current world affairs Condi took a few questions. The former Secretary of State was asked about the massacre in Benghazi…

“When you have the ambassador walking out to talk to the Turkish chargé in the courtyard on 9-11, something doesn’t seem quite right to me about the level of security preparations at the consulate… The regional security officer is the head diplomatic security officer in the consulate. This one had come back in July, he had reportedly asked that some additional security be kept on the ground. So something didn’t get right in terms of decisions about security on the ground prior to the attack…

“…There’s a lot that has to be understood about what is the role of the CIA was in all of this…”

Listen to the audio at GatewayPundit.

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