Congressman Defends His ‘Constitution’ Comments on Health Care Law

An Illinois congressman who ignited a firestorm of controversy this week for telling a town hall audience he’s “not worried about the Constitution” on the new health care law said his comments were “taken completely out of context.”

Rep. Phil Hare’s comments were captured on video by a Tea Party activist, posted on YouTube, and quickly went viral.

Hare was immediately battered by criticism in the blogosphere for appearing to flout the Constitution and for confusing it with the Declaration of Independence.

Hare responded to the controversy with his own YouTube video Friday in which he said he meant that he wasn’t worried the health care bill would be ruled unconstitutional.

“If it had of been, I would have never voted for a bill that I knew would be unconstitutional,” he said. “I took an oath to defend this Constitution. I will continue to do that. I served six years in the military. I’m saddened that this gotcha-type politics has to happen.”

Hare also said he wants everyone to know that the Constitution is “near and dear to me.”

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