Conn. state police seek to question Vanderboegh in gun dispute

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

The Connecticut State Police has contacted citizen reporter and gun rights blogger Mike Vanderboegh in Alabama, indicating they wish to question him about sending an empty gun magazine to the Connecticut governor.

Vanderboegh initiated a campaign in December called “Toys for Totalitarians,” during which the governors of anti-gun states, state legislators and other politicians, and gun control advocates in the mainstream media were sent standard sized magazines which have been banned in a handful of states.

Apparently Gov. Dannel P. Mallory, D-Conn., was not amused. The state police went through the trouble of attempting to contact Vanderboegh way down in Jefferson County, Alabama.

But when the phone call was ignored, Vanderboegh states that a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department deputy was sent to his door to personally deliver a message to Vanderboegh that the Conn. State Police wish to question him…



The article continues at the Conservative Examiner.



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