Connecticut Bureaucrats Battle After Man Declines to Show Gun Permit

J.D. Tuccille

If you need any further evidence of the stupidity of turning a right that you can exercise at will into a privilege that requires official permission and paperwork, cast your eyes on the case of Scott Lazurek and the bureaucratic battle being waged over his gun permit. In a dispute that a Connecticut prosecutor describes as a “nothing case,” Lazurek was arrested because he apparently got sick of papers-please hassles and declined to show his permit to openly carry a gun to West Haven police. Now one Connecticut government agency is suing another, and Lazurek has become a cause celebre for gun rights advocates, as well as a lightning rod for bureaucratic idiocy.

It all started on June 2, 2013, when Lazurek, a security guard, and another man walked along the West Haven boardwalk with holstered guns on their hips. Two security guards from a competing employer police officers stopped the men and demanded to see their pistol permits. Lazurek refused, and was arrested. Among his possessions the government employed security guards found his pistol permit…


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