Connecticut Governor Enacts Card Check Through Executive Order

Dr. Susan Berry
Big Government

Continuing a fiat governance style that is right out of the Obama playbook, Democratic and Working Families Party Governor Dannel Malloy issued two executive orders yesterday that will force daycare providers and home healthcare workers in Connecticut to join unions.

The orders, his ninth and tenth since taking office in January, will force the state’s 4,000 daycare providers to add over $1 million in dues to union coffers, and remove the right to secret ballot election for these workers by instituting a card check process.

The governor said:

“I have said repeatedly that I believe in the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain, and personal care attendants and family child care providers are often-times the hardest-working, and lowest-paid workers in our job force,” said Governor Malloy.  “These executive orders will enable them to begin informal conversations with DSS and the Workforce Council immediately on quality-of-life issues, with an eye toward establishing formal collective bargaining rights in the future.  It is important that those who care for both our youngest and oldest citizens receive equitable pay and workforce security.”

According to Zachary Janowski, Mr. Malloy came through for the unions where the Connecticut legislature failed. A bill that would have converted “family child care providers” into state employees, for the purpose of collective bargaining, had been introduced in the state Senate, but never made it to a vote…

…Like his apparent idol, President Obama, Dannel Malloy’s governance by fiat style seems to be landing him nowhere. Despite the largest tax increase on citizens in the history of the state, including retroactive income tax hikes, his pandering to state employee unions is leading the state into the financial red zone.

What more will it take, Connecticut citizens?

The entire article is at Big Government.

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