Conservative Intellectual: Progressive Ideology ‘Dehumanizes The Population’

Ginni Thomas
The Daily Caller

This English writer, prison doctor and psychiatrist has traveled the world, talked with the ordinary people elites avoid and warns America to stop its intellectual dishonesty to restore a healthy society.

He thinks his own country is incentivizing the decline of its culture with policies and has insightful suggestions for America, if we will only listen.

Anthony Daniels, who uses the pen name, Theodore Dalrymple, says the West is “too weak-willed,” “accepts obvious untruths” and “treats people as objects.” In this 28-minute video interview with The Daily Caller, he says “the intellectual dishonesty of the West is the greatest threat – we can’t say what we really think.” To him, the solution is to speak up and write, as he has with many articles and books, such as his 2007 one, “Our Culture, What’s Left of It.”

Dalrymple, based on his work in British prisons, is a critic of “determinism” — the dominant progressive theory that minimizes personal responsibility and portrays people as forced, by their circumstances, to behave as they do…

…The author sees no easy solutions but warns that waiting for the political “man on the white horse” is unrealistic. Rather, he says, culture is where a country will be saved.

He ends the interview explaining that the road to hell is paved with bad intentions masquerading as good ones.

For more on the prolific Theodore Dalrymple, see here where he contributes to the City Journal as the Dietrich Weismann Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and this recent Heritage Foundation lecture when he was in Washington, D.C. recently.



The complete article, with video, is at The Daily Caller.




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