Conservative Spotlight: Smart Girl Politics

by Alicia M. Cohn
Human Events

“Conservative women activists are on the rise,” according to Teri Christoph, executive director of Smart Girl Politics. SGP is a brand-new conservative organization using social media and grassroots activist methods to get conservative women involved in politics. Christoph describes SGP, laughing, as “a dinky little stay-at-home mom group with no budget.”

It all started with SGP President Stacy Mott’s personal blog, which she began back in 2008 in order to give her family a break from her political rants. A regular reader of Mott’s blog, Christoph got involved when she saw that Mott wanted to try to transform the growing number of conservative women who were gathering online into an offline movement.

“At the same time, all the social media stuff was exploding,” Christoph said. “Around the election, you heard a lot about how Obama so effectively used social media and that people on the right had a lot of catching up to do.”…

…In the future, SGP will also be able to highlight many of the conservative bloggers writing on their site in their online magazine, Smart Girl Nation. “We thought it would be really nice to be able to highlight some of these writers who are outstanding, who present their ideas really well and [do] research,” Christoph says. “We’re definitely trying to be the conservative women’s voice. Our members are so desperate to feel like their voice is being heard, if we can get any sort of attention to it, we want to do that.”…

The rest of the article is at Human Events.

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