Cornyn Presses Holder on Gun Comments

Gov’t could require gun owners to wear biometric bracelets to operate firearms

Elizabeth Harrington
The Washington Free Beacon

Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas) is demanding answers from Attorney General Eric Holder on the Justice Department’s pursuit of “smart gun” technology, warning that the government could require all gun owners to wear biometric bracelets to operate their firearms…

…“Your testimony has raised serious concerns for my constituents given President Obama’s track-record of acting beyond the scope of his legal authority and your hostility to the individual right to self-defense under the Second Amendment,” Cornyn wrote.

Cornyn is concerned that the administration may attempt to require every gun in America to be equipped with fingerprint-reading technology and be linked to biometric bracelets.

The Texas senator asked Holder to address five questions, including if the administration is “currently exploring the possibility of and executive order requiring all firearms to possess the technological capabilities.”…



The complete article is at The Washington Free Beacon.



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