Cramer: ObamaCare Would Rocket Tax Rates to 50-60%

Mark Finkelstein

Here are three inconvenient little facts about ObamaCare that the MSM might not want people to hear . . .

Financial guru Jim Cramer says ObamaCare would:

1. break the federal budget;
2. cause federal income tax rates to rise to 50-60%; and
3. cause capital gains and dividends to be taxed like ordinary income [i.e., at those 50-60% rates instead of the current 5-15%].

Cramer made his sobering predictions on today’s Morning Joe.

JIM CRAMER: I think this is a bill where if you get amnesty, it goes into law, you get amnesty. You break the budget. That means we’re going to see 50-60% federal tax—I’m not kidding. And I also think we see capital gains and dividends being taxed at ordinary income rate. I know the bill doesn’t say that now —

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