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September 21, 2009

While filling up the tank of my Toyota Corolla (which got an astonishing 41 miles to the gallon on my 430 mile round trip drive to and from the Great 912 March) I wandered into the convenience store to grab a cup o’ joe and perused the newspapers while a customer in front of me asked the clerk to type every conceivable permutation of the first five prime numbers into the lotto ticket machine in the desperate hope of winning a couple of thousand bucks.

Yes, folks, times are just that bad here in New Jersey. But I digress.

On the pages of the New York Post I stumbled across a most amazing (and, for those with a clear head, amusing) article by Stanley Crouch. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Crouch or his oeuvre, suffice it to say he makes Jesse Jackson look like Roy Innes. I carefully perused the text for some indicator – however fine the print – that the whole thing was a satirical joke, but no dice.

While I could have simply scanned the headline and gotten the gist of the whole article, I was feeling strangely masochistic and decided to plunge in and partake of the unhinged madness.

It’s nauseatingly delicious – like a dessert that rots your teeth while you eat it – and worthy of fisking, if only to savor the line-by-line ignorance, projection and outright dementia.


…If there is any hysteria out there, it’s on the left. We saw it during the August town hall uprisings and again during the Great March in DC. Liberal statist plantation owners, together with their house Negroes in the persons of Stanley Crouch, Van Jones and others, are beginning to realize that America is waking up to their anti-American agenda.

We have come through it before and we will make it through again. We have not always had a high batting average against foolishness, but we have slowly and sometimes painfully gotten better and better over the years.

Thing is, Stanley, those words belong to our side.

These people appropriately dubbed “wing nuts” are heading for another Gettysburg. They will not be shot down, however. They will simply be ignored as soon as the nation decides to move on to democratic business.

On the contrary, Stanley. You have perched yourself squarely on railroad tracks that, as we speak, are quivering with the approach of a freight train. You heard the first whistle blast on September 12. You would do well to consider your situation.

The complete article is here and definitely worthwhile reading! (The photo in the article is of Stanley Crouch.)

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