CT DCF Commissioner: Pelletier ‘Circus’ About Parents, Not Justina

Beau Berman
Fox News CT

Justina Pelletier has been free since the middle of June.

That’s when the State of Massachusetts released the now 16-year-old West Hartford teen back to the custody of her parents, following a sixteen month custody battle. What remains unclear is exactly what led to that return after so many months of dispute. To gain a better perspective on the involvement of both Connecticut and Massachusetts, Fox CT News filed a Freedom of Information Act request, asking for all emails about Pelletier, sent from the Governor’s Office.

Fox CT obtained nearly 100 emails through the request, filed by Fox CT in late April 2014, but not fulfilled until mid-July…

…Despite the fact that Justina Pelletier was first taken into Massachusetts state custody in February 2013 and that Fox CT News aired the first ever news report on the case in November 2013, Governor Malloy’s staff appeared unfamiliar with the case as of February 2014 (at which point Pelletier was still in Massachusetts custody) according to their internal emails…



The complete article, with access to the emails, is at FoxCT



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