Cybersecurity Firm Identifies Six In Sony Hack — One A Former Company Insider

Giuseppe Macri
The Daily Caller

Norse, the cybersecurity firm that first identified a potential insider in the massive November hack of Sony Pictures, believes it’s uncovered evidence on six individuals primarily involved in the attack, including one former Sony employee with ”extensive knowledge of the company’s network and operations.”

Senior vice president at Norse Kurt Stammberger told the Security Ledger late Sunday the company has identified six people “with direct involvement in the hack,” two of whom are based in the U.S. along with one in Canada, Singapore and Thailand.

The list also includes a former decade-long Sony veteran who “worked in a technical role” and was laid off in May. Norse previously identified the ex-employee as “Lena,” and said she claimed to have connection to the “Guardians of Peace” hacker group that took credit for the attack against Sony, which has so far resulted in leaked employee information, executives’ emails, unreleased films and the limiting of “The Interview” theatrical release in response to a terrorist threat.

The FBI has attributed all of the above to North Korea due to the film’s plot, which centers around an attempt to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un…



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Multiple police, FBI, cyber analyst sources are confirming that the focus of the FBI’s investigation has moved from North Korea to Los Angeles.

A LAPD officer and FBI agent confirmed that the Bureau is no longer looking at a North Korean angle for the Sony leak but have moved to an insider group working with outsider help.

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