D.C. Lawmakers Propose Requiring Students to Apply to College


Lawmakers in the nation’s capital have floated a plan to require high school students to apply to college or trade school — even if the students have no interest in attending.

The proposal is a bid to ensure students in the troubled Washington, D.C., school system at least have the know-how to navigate the admissions process.

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown, who introduced the bill, said the proposal would establish a “mandatory workshop” to teach teenagers how to apply for aid and admission. It would then require everybody to apply to at least one post-secondary school before graduation.

“I believe that every child should have the opportunity, even if they don’t go, to at least apply to a college,” he said as he introduced the bill Wednesday.

The bill would also require every high school student to take the SAT or ACT tests. While the admissions and test-taking process would entail fees, Brown said he would work with the school system to make sure students have the “resources” to apply…

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CAJ note: There’s a lot of money involved in the business of SATs and applications for college admissions. Also, the government now owns and administers all student loans. Our advice: follow the money and find out who benefits most from this enforced process. We’d like to know what’s in this for Chairman Kwame Brown.

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