Daily Kos: Take Legal Action to ‘End Organized, Institutionalized Religion’

Tim Graham

For all the daily talk on the Daily Kos that conservatives are dictatorial, their cast of bloggers isn’t without grand designs for social control. Take this post: Time to begin working for the death of religion (a rant).” The diarist “BlueMoon” expressed no attempt to disrupt free speech, but the “end of organized religion” must be attempted:

However, the time has come to begin work to actively disrupt official organized religion of all stripes. Yes, I know there are many good christians. But when I hear of another moral pronouncement coming out of the Roman Catholic church, I am ready to splutter.

The church of pedophiles that brought you Cardnal Law and the current head, Ratzinger dares open its filthy mouth again? To preach about morality?

The Reverend Phelps dares picket servicemen’s funerals? And tell us all that “Heath [is] in Hell?” And call Lady Gaga a “proud whore”?

A variety of crazy wackos calling themselves the “Tea party” peddle vicious racism masquerading as christian faith…

…It is time to organize and take legal action against religious intitutions. There are many avenues available to pursue lawsuits against churches and such. It is time to turn up the heat in the media and the blogsphere against this unnecessary and harmful atavism of the past.

Read the entire article at NewsBusters.org

CAJ note: Presumably Islam will not be exluded in this religious purge?

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