De Blasio Kicks 700 Kids Out of High-Performing Charter Schools

Lindsey Burke
The Foundry

Apparently newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t get the memo from President Obama today about being your Brother’s Keeper. De Blasio is blocking four charter schools – run by the Success Academy charter school network – from opening or expanding, rolling back an offer made to the charter network by his predecessor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to co-locate in spaces not being fully used by the traditional public school system.

“The cumulative impact of de Blasio’s actions virtually halts charter school expansions,” the New York Post reported

…The impact of de Blasio’s actions on the children of New York will be significant. As Andrew Rotherham wrote in USA Today:

“Consider the third-graders at Success Academy Harlem 5. They share a public school building with P.S. 123. If Harlem 5 children lose their seats, they might have to enroll in P.S. 123.

“Here’s the dilemma:

“The schools have similar students, but 88% of Harlem 5 third-graders passed New York’s math test compared with 5% of P.S. 123′s.”

What could possibly be the reason for de Blasio’s war against these successful charters? …



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