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15 July 2012

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They must be wearing overcoats in Hell: Democrats Using Black People ‘Like Whores & Prostitutes’ — Says Furious Black Panther Chairman

In a recent interview on Black Panther radio, New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz lashed out at a new target — the Democratic Party.

The shocking rant against the DNC began with Shabazz declaring that “the American economy is in a halt” and even “mainstream whites are talking about” our country’s decline.  The Chairman goes on to call America a ”modern Babylon and a modern Rome.”

Shabazz continued by asking his followers “Can the Democratic Party save you?”…

Listen to the audio at The Blaze.

Obama’s absence the talk of NAACP convention

…”Even considering the politics here, it seems odd that the first African-American President is sending his vice president to address the NAACP national convention in an election year,” the official said.

Most of the convention’s audience, comprised of black civic leaders, business owners, and community activists, were reluctant to criticize Obama to the press, even as they complained about his neglect off the record — a reflection of a sense of protectiveness among many African-Americans, and an understanding that Obama must at times disappoint…

Herman Cain: ‘The NAACP has lost its relevance’ Herman Cain answers the question about whether the NAACP is nonpartisan.

Romney’s NAACP Gamble Pays Off

Mitt Romney isn’t going to win the African-American vote over President Obama this November. Knowing that, it would have been understandable if Romney declined the NAACP’s invitation to visit Houston on Wednesday and address the group’s annual convention. The prospect of speaking to a crowd that overwhelmingly supports your opponent is not only politically risky; it’s personally intimidating. In such settings, and under such an intense microscope, one small misstep can snowball into a news-dominating disaster. The Romney campaign, known for being risk-averse, easily could have determined the risks outweighed the rewards and avoided the event, opting instead to have their candidate address the conference via video message…

…Those who follow Romney’s campaign and report regularly on his events often describe him as rote and guarded, someone whose speeches can seem sleepy, uninspired and vague. Those people saw a different candidate on the stage in Houston…

The Southern Strategy Myth and the Lost Majority

…The Democrats and Race

Meanwhile, the Democratic record is hardly anything to be proud of. The first modern progressive Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, was a horrible racist who did everything in his power to strengthen Jim Crow in the federal government and leave it alone in the states despite his usual preference for expanding federal power. Trende follows how FDR used more subtle racial appeals to hold white Southerners in his coalition while using economic issues to solidify the transition of black voters to loyal Democrats (Trende notes the generational element: older black voters who remembered Reconstruction stayed mostly loyal to the GOP, but died off). But in time, the natural instability of coalition politics took over: as black voters became the Democrats’ most loyal base and were registered to vote in increasing numbers, Democratic politicians came to change their tune, with extreme examples like Wallace and LBJ. Williamson observes the turn from the LBJ of the 1950s:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days, and that’s a problem for us, since they’ve got something now they never had before: the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this – we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

to the LBJ of 1965:

President Johnson … informed skeptical southern governors that his plan for the Great Society was “to have them n___ers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.” [emphasis CAJ]

Fundamentally, the Democratic Party’s approach to racial and ethnic politics has not really changed all that much since the 1830s; it’s just calibrated to a different audience…

CAJ note: This article is an excellent history lesson that seeks to undo at least 50 years of the media’s leftist propaganda, teaching truth and accuracy where public indoctrination of students–ie, public education–does not. You will see how politicians courted our country’s black population with entitlements just as you see them doing to Hispanics and Latinos today. If you do not know your country’s history, you will live to repeat–and regret–it. Please read the entire post at RedState.

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