Debt Ceiling Tweet of the Day – We are all terrorists now

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

Civility!  Compromise! The Politico!

From Jim Treacher:

Related: At NewsBusters, Charles Krauthammer Scolds Margaret Carlson for Saying Tea Party ‘Strapped Explosives to the Capitol’

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I thought that post-Tucson we weren’t supposed to accuse our political opponents of being terrorists.

CARLSON: Nihilists.

KRAUTHMAMMER: Strapping a bomb is a terrorist.

CAJ note: Since the epithet of “racists” has lost most of its impact the new rhetoric must necessarily escalate if one adheres to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. “Terrorists” is the new “racists.”

Update: Rush Limbaugh: “The Tea Party is putting country before party.”

From the opening monologue of yesterday’s show.  He was on fire, providing what felt, to me, like the  counterweight to the mainstream media meme (which is: the Tea Party people in Congress are reckless and insane).


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