December 2009 Editorial: 'What Suckers We Are'


Statism: Let’s face it: Big government is making suckers out of all of us. All of us, that is, who play by the rules and pay our bills. Here’s a little test to see just how big a sucker you really are.

Are you still paying your mortgage each month at the interest rate you agreed to? Sucker! The government has created a program to let those who aren’t paying on their mortgages get lower interest rates on their loans.

And if you haven’t had the government make the bank reduce the amount you owe on your loan, you’re an even bigger fool.

Do you work for a private company instead of the government? Sucker! The real money is made working for Uncle Sam. The average pay for federal government workers is now $71,206, compared with $40,331 for those in the private sector…



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…it may be some comfort for those middle-class families to know that their president, who professes such concern for middle-class families, doesn’t worry about such mundane things as travel costs. All thanks to the hard work of American taxpayers.

In fact, get out your checkbook right now because the Democrat’s about to drop some $2 million of other peoples’ money for a few minutes on a late-night TV show.

This president is good with spending a lot on travel. He took the entire family, including grandma, to Alabama last weekend. And according to latest figures, the Obamas’ last three Christmas vacations in Hawaii have cost taxpayers more than $15.5 million just in transportation expenses…



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