Decision on La. passport requirement for domestic travel expected this week

Adam Pearson
Business Report

By mid-January, Louisiana residents could need a passport to fly within the United States. There are a lot of unknowns regarding Louisiana’s non-compliance with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, but some of them could be cleared up later this week.

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Stephen Campbell says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has promised him that the Transportation Security Administration will announce its decision this week on whether or not state-issued driver’s licenses will continue to be valid identification cards for flying domestically and entering federal buildings.

Campbell spent all of last week in Washington, D.C., attending a conference and seeking answers pertaining to what could happen if Louisiana doesn’t get an extension to comply with the REAL ID Act, which is poised to take effect Jan. 14.

“We’re still hopeful that there will be an extension or some other compromise,” says Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport spokesman Jim Caldwell…

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Cajun’s Might need Passport to travel Domestically

When this came to my inbox, I thought it was a joke. I actually laughed and almost did not read the article. But apparently it is true.

Al Qaeda and the rest gave the control mongers everything they need. When are Americans going to push back and saying THAT IS ENOUGH!?

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