Dem filmmaker challenges DNC to answer for voter fraud in 2008

Great Merciful Zeus: Gigi Gaston on FOX challenges DNC to answer for the voter fraud it allowed in 2008

Here’s filmmaker Gigi Gaston on Fox & Friends this morning, calling for an investigation into the fraud and voter intimidation Obama and his campaign engaged in back in 2008.

This is how Obama took the nomination from Hillary Clinton, and he used these same thug tactics in the general election to intimidate voters. He will be using the same playbook in 2012 as well, unless he and the DNC are stopped.

In this FOX clip, it’s noted that Gaston is the granddaughter of a former Democrat governor…and she’s now dedicated her life to exposing the DNC for the cesspool of corruption, fraud, and illegal activity that it is. That is the same boat all of us here are in as well: until 2008, we were all lifelong, unquestioning, party loyal Democrats who never in our lives dreamed our party would be responsible for thuggery like this.

The article continues at HillBuzz.

Update: HillBuzz,  Breaking the fourth wall: surreality of the day

…Normally, whenever K. does a media avail, we know it’s coming and can brace for repercussions. And, normally, something just airs once and then it’s over with, but this FOX clip aired many times over the course of Sunday…which is great for the film, and was interesting for K. on a personal level because a half dozen times he happened to be somewhere with a TV on while either a promo or the actual clip itself flashed across the screen and he got recognized.  In a waiting room for an appointment.  At someone’s house.  In a restaurant.  At Target.  It was surreal.

“Ain’t that you on TV there?”…

…Yesterday, when those FOX spots aired, no one said a damn nasty thing to K. all day…and he was clearly recognized from the clips.  People sat and watched the segment with Gigi Gaston.  No one shouted to change the channel.  They sat and watched, some with mouths agape.  K. said he could see people’s eyes focusing intently, as they absorbed the information and thought about the fact that Obama made it into the White House because of graft, fraud, intimidation, and thuggery.

Which, we have known all along.

Which, we have tried to get Americans to understand.

But, until now, Americans on a large scale did not want to listen to this simple truth…

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