Democrats Pushing Massive New Gun Control Through Congress

Kimberly Morin
The Federalist Papers

The ATF recently said they would not seek to issue any final guidelines on banning M855 “green tipped” ammunition following 80,000 comments on line as well as opposition by 52 senators and 238 house members.  They claim they seek to fully process all of the comments etc. as recently reported.

Even though the police came out against the ban and NOT ONE police officer has ever been killed with this type of ammunition, the gun control extremists in congress have decided they want to push a ban forth regardless of the facts.

Because they have nothing better to do in congress apparently…

…Once again left wing loons in congress prove they simply want to take 2nd Amendment rights away from Americans. The ban they are seeking has no basis in fact yet they have decided they want to ban it anyway.

The bigger question remains: What is it they are really doing to keep distracting us with useless legislation and outrage over this unnecessary ban?



The complete article, with video, is at The Federalist Papers.




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