Democrats put heat on FCC commissioner on net neutrality vote

Sarah Jerome
The Hill

The Democrats have a message for Democratic FCC Commissioner Michael Copps: Don’t screw things up on net neutrality.

Democrats allied with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski are working to put public pressure on Copps as the net-neutrality vote draws near.

Genachowski needs Copps to vote for his plan during a commission meeting on Tuesday if the rules are to pass.

As a result, Democrats who support the plan are pushing this message in the media: If Copps doesn’t vote for Genachowski’s plan, the consequences will reverberate all the way up to the White House. They are arguing that the damage could even hurt President Obama.

A prominent Democrat close to the White House said it this way on Friday: “If Copps votes no on Tuesday, he’d be handing the president a huge loss at a time when the Democrats should have a big win.”

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