Dems block Cruz bill to strip U.S. citizenship from Islamic State defectors

David Sherfinski
The Washington Times

Sen. Ted Cruz tried to get the Senate to consider a measure Thursday providing that any American who joins the fight with terrorist groups such as the Islamic State would immediately renounce their U.S. citizenship, but a Democratic senator objected, saying more time is necessary to weigh the significant constitutional issues it raises.

Ahead of the Senate’s scheduled consideration Thursday afternoon of a proposal to arm and train Syrian rebels, part of President Obama’s strategy to combat the terrorist group, the Texas Republican asked for unanimous consent to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act he introduced earlier this month.

The measure makes providing support to or fighting for a terrorist group targeting the U.S. “an affirmative renunciation of American citizenship,” Mr. Cruz said on the Senate floor Thursday. He pointed out that former Sens. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent, and Scott Brown, Massachusetts Republican, introduced a similar measure several years ago related to al Qaeda.

“If we do not pass this legislation, the consequence will be that Americans fighting alongside ISIS today may come home tomorrow with a U.S. passport, may come home to New York or Los Angeles or Houston or Chicago and innocent Americans may be murdered if the Senate does not act today,” Mr. Cruz said…



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…what Boehner is doing that is dangerous.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that arming Syrian rebels at this point is worse than doing nothing; just look at the state of Libya (wasn’t the opposition there supposed to be moderate?). Arming ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria is going to yield similar results.

There are countless examples which demonstrate that the relationship between the FSA and ISIS is at best incestuous and at worst collaborative…



ISIS Forges Ceasefire with ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels, so who Exactly are we Planning on Arming?

It was reported on Friday that ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels that the US is planning on arming and training to “fight against ISIS (IS, ISIL)” have signed a non-aggression pact with none other than ISIS.

This is not new. The US has been arming these very same rebels, even when they were openly aligned with ISIS and al-Qaeda, for over a year. The US was funding and arming these rebels, through ‘Arab League’ proxies, while they slaughtered and razed some of the oldest Christian communities in the world. At that time, the US turned a blind eye, because the goal was not to defeat ISIS, it was to overthrow Assad; so a few thousand dead Christians were not really a big deal.

Then ISIS did the unimaginable…


Update: Shoebat: House Speaker Boehner Preparing To Help ISIS

Arming the Syrian rebels helps no fewer than three states – Qatar, Turkey and the Islamic State. Despite this, House Speaker John Boehner is signaling that he will sign on to a plan that arms Syrian rebels. The main line of distinction between the FSA and ISIS is that there is almost no difference…



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