Dennis from Philadelphia calls Rush and says Keystone made him see the light

Black Rush caller who finally abandoned Obama over Keystone

The Right Scoop

This is a great call into Rush today from a self-identified black man named Dennis who has finally abandoned not only his support for Obama but says he is considering dropping his support for the Democrat party too. And his tipping point was Obama’s pandering to environmentalists in rejecting the Keystone Pipeline.

Watch the video of this remarkable phone call at The Right Scoop.

UpdateKeystone Madness

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico is an act of national insanity. It isn’t often that a president makes a decision that has no redeeming virtues and — beyond the symbolism — won’t even advance the goals of the groups that demanded it. All it tells us is that Obama is so obsessed with his re-election that, through some sort of political calculus, he believes that placating his environmental supporters will improve his chances.

Aside from the political and public relations victory, environmentalists won’t get much. Stopping the pipeline won’t halt the development of tar sands, to which the Canadian government is committed; therefore, there will be little effect on global warming emissions. Indeed, Obama’s decision might add to them. If Canada builds a pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific for export to Asia, moving all that oil across the ocean by tanker will create extra emissions. There will also be the risk of added spills.

Now consider how Obama’s decision hurts the United States…

Also, CRS: Congress Has The Power To Approve Keystone Pipeline Without President Obama

President Obama declined authorization for the Keystone XL pipeline last week, blaming Republicans for pushing him to rush a decision despite the fact that the pipeline has already endured years of government review costing the company trying to build it nearly $2 billion.

In response TransCanada announced that they may just build the US portion of the pipeline, focusing on bringing oil from North Dakota’s Bakken fields to southern refineries, saving the part of the pipeline that would cross the US/Canadian boarder for later.

But now it looks as though Congress may override the President, asserting their constitutional right to regulate foreign commerce…

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