Despite promises to the contrary, Democrats quietly take corporate money for Charlotte convention

Neil Munro
The Daily Caller

There’s yet another glitch with the Democrats’ trouble-plagued campaign convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Democrats tried to burnish their anti-Wall Street claims by promising in February 2011 that the $37 million convention wouldn’t accept corporate dollars.

But the convention’s host committee has been quietly soliciting corporate money to pay for convention-related activities.

The stealthy reversal was highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, which exposed a fund-raising group dubbed the New American City fund.

Money raised by the fund will be used to “defray administrative expenses incurred by the host committee organizations themselves, such as salaries, rent, travel and insurance,” according to a document filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The fund was created in April 2011, only two months after top Democrats announced that they would not use corporate funds for their convention.

The fund plans to raise at least $10 million. It is already getting money from Bank of America and Duke Energy, both of which are based in Charlotte. According to the Wall Street Journal, the third largest donor is Wells Fargo bank, which recently bought a Charlotte-based bank, Wachovia Corp…


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