DHS Gave Secret Clearance to Member of the Muslim Brotherhood


This video is of the Oversight Hearing on the Department of Homeland Security.

At Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller shares background information about this exchange between Congressman Gohmert and Secretary Napolitano.

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Related1st Mexican truck to enter US interior within days

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The first Mexican carrier is set to roll into the U.S. interior within days, but American trucking union leaders and two California congressmen haven’t given up on stopping the cross-border trucking program that had been stalled for years by safety concerns and political wrangling.

U.S. Reps. Duncan Hunter and Bob Filner said they’ll take a bipartisan stand at the border Wednesday in San Diego to voice concerns about the bilateral pilot project that will allow approved Mexican trucks to come deep into the United States. Hunter is a San Diego-area Republican, while Filner is a Democrat whose district includes California’s border with Mexico.

They will join Teamsters union President James Hoffa and Todd Spencer, the owner-operator of the Independent Drivers Association, in a last-ditch effort to block Mexican trucks from being granted full access to U.S. highways.

Allowing Mexican trucking companies to deliver the goods rather than transfer them onto U.S. haulers at the border will put American jobs and highway safety at risk, the union leaders say…

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