Dick Morris: Hillary let the cat out of bag about Obama's 2nd term plans

Dick Morris
via Reagan Coalition


Hillary Clinton let the cat out of the bag this week. She gave a speech at the global initiative — where she said that the elites of the world do not pay their fair share of taxes. She called for global tax reform to make sure that they do pay their fair share of taxes.

Now what she is referring to is a proposal that is cooking its way up through the European Union and the United Nations. For the UN to impose a global tax on billionaires… it may go down to millionaires… but it is at least billionaires in its proposal.

[The money] would then go to third world countries to fuel their corruption. Massive transfer of wealth. From people who earned it to people who are about to steal it.

This is the beginning of Obama’s new second term move to give the UN power to tax the United States. And to force us to give foreign aid by taking our money.

We talk about this in our book Screwed: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off, which came out last year. And in our book that comes out October 8, Here Comes the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, we elaborate on this.

Also at the site, Ed Klein details Obama’s plans for the next four years in his new book Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed

via The Australian Tea Party, who would like to see this go viral:

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UpdateHillary Says Goodbye to 2016 Chances

…Both Obama and Clinton suffer the same self-delusion: that the world loves Democrats and hates Republicans, that it loves flower children and hates cowboys. Benghazi is a wake-up call they should not have needed–not after the first 9/11, not after Bill Clinton’s “law enforcement” approach to terror failed. In that sense, Hillary Clinton has failed her first test as a potential commander-in-chief–just as Obama has failed before…

…Hillary Clinton has not only carried out the worst of Obama’s foreign and national security policies–she has done so enthusiastically, shouting at Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for 45 minutes in 2010, for instance. Clinton’s deputy, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, has set new lows in both dishonesty and absenteeism

Update 2: Hillary Clinton: Raise Taxes on Everyone, Everywhere

…What Clinton meant by “contribute to growth” was revealing. She listed contributing to building schools and hospitals rather than domestic business investment, which is the conventional meaning of contributing to growth.

This is something that I hadn’t realized was a part of the goals of U.S. foreign policy: higher taxes around the world on the wealthy. But now we know it straight from the mouth of Madam Secretary Clinton herself.

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