Did Journalists Promise to Stay Silent on Obama-Netanyahu Gaffe?

Ben Howe

Let me say at the outset that as it stands, this is only being sourced from one location.  Having had some experience with relaying quotes that turn out to be bunk, I think this is worth noting.  However, if there’s any truth to it, it is absolutely worth talking about.

Apparently President Obama had a moment similar to the one George W. Bush got caught in several years ago with Prime Minister Tony Blair.  At the G20 last Thursday, following a joint press conference with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, President Obama decided to pull off to a private room to discuss things not for public consumption with Sarkozy.

What types of things you ask?

a) Iran’s nuclear weapons program?

b) Libya’s increasingly radical government?

c) China’s rampant pirating?

d) Gossiping about how they totally hate a different world leader?

If you guessed (d) then you are sadly correct…

The article continues at RedState.com

Update: At Instapundit Glenn Reynolds speculates, “Actually, this is probably just an effort, rather clumsily and obviously executed, to create distance before Israel whacks the Iranian nuke program.”


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