Did the DoJ hide whistleblower memos that prove officials lied to Congress?

Ed Morrissey

So says the Washington Guardian, uncovering at least one of the targets of Rep. Darrell Issa’s subpoenas, and it might be a game-changer.  According to the Guardian, which says they have a copy of the memos, the ATF knew full well that guns had been walked across the border before Congress started demanding answers.  They had already begun to put whistleblower-protection processes in place to address agents who had complained to Congress over those actions before assuring Congress that no one knew about the practice:

The memos [PDF], obtained by the Washington Guardian, were triggered by the agents’ allegations, Justice officials confirmed. In them, ATF officials in Washington instructed field supervisors not to retaliate against the agents in Arizona who complained they had been ordered to let semiautomatic weapons flow to suspected straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels rather than interdicting them.

Even as the warning was being sent, Obama administration political appointees were publicly undercutting the agents’ credibility, insisting to Congress that ATF never knowingly let weapons cross the border into Mexico’s violent drug wars – a denial that turned out to be false. …

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