Did You Know A Foreign Company Has Acquired the Leading U.S. Vote Processing Company?


A Spanish Company, SCYTL, has acquired SOE, the leading vote processing company in the United States. This means votes will now be transferred to a central server overseas, where they will be counted, rather than being counted at the local precinct level.

This news was reported on the Market Watch website, back in January and received scant attention in the MSM:

SCYTL is the global leader in online voting solutions with a presence in over twenty countries

– SOE Software is the leading software company for election management solutions in the United States

– The combination of the two companies creates the industry leader in election software with a strong market presence worldwide

SCYTL, the global leader in secure electronic voting technologies, announced today the acquisition of 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States. The integration of these two software companies creates the industry leader in the election software market with a full range of solutions covering from Internet voting to election night reporting and online pollworker training, and a strong market presence worldwide.

SCYTL is currently the worldwide leader in the Internet voting space and the acquisition of SOE Software, with its Clarity election management software suite, significantly expands SCYTL’s product portfolio beyond electronic voting. Furthermore, SOE Software’s strong US presence with 900 jurisdictions as customers in 26 states, including 14 state-wide customers, complements very effectively SCYTL’s customer base in the United States and internationally with customers in over 20 different countries across 5 continents, including France, Spain, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, India and Australia.

Um…Is this reason for concern?

Michael Savage certainly thinks so…

…has anybody else but me been wondering how this incompetent boob could be declaring war against the Catholic church, stopping the Keystone oil pipeline and drilling , destroying the coal mine industry, destroying jobs left and right with reckless abandon – all during an election year, unless some kind of fix was in?…

Read the rest of the article, and listen to the audio of Michael Savage’s remarks, at Nice Deb.

H/T iOwnTheWorld where one commenter wrote, “How big a share of the company does Soros own?”


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Update: Preliminary research about Scytl shows:

Pere Valles, CEO
Mr. Valles joined Scytl in March 2004 after spending most of his professional career in the United States. Prior to joining Scytl, Mr. Valles was Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of GlobalNet, a NASDAQ publicly-traded telecommunications company headquartered in Chicago. [Emphasis CAJ] Mr. Valles assisted GlobalNet in becoming one of the leading providers of Voice-over-IP in the world and was instrumental in the successful sale of the company to the Titan Corporation, a NYSE defense company. At GlobalNet, Mr. Valles was responsible for designing and executing the strategic plan that led to an increase in revenues from US$ 25 million to over US$ 100 million and brought the company to profitability. Previously, Mr. Valles had worked as Senior Manager for KPMG’s Mergers & Acquisitions group in Los Angeles and Miami providing financial and strategic consulting services to private equity groups and corporations involved in acquisitions in the United States, Latin America and Europe. During his career at KPMG, Mr. Valles actively participated in more than 20 transactions in the telecommunications and technology areas. Mr. Valles has a bachelor degree in Economics and a bachelor degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a MBA (summa cum laude) from Indiana University.

Someone at American Freedom is thinking what we’re thinking.

…As reported by BlackBoxVoting.org in 2008, the bad news about all of this is it centralizes one middleman access point for over 525 jurisdictions in AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA. And growing.

As local election results funnel through SOE’s servers (typically before they reach the public elsewhere), those who run the computer servers for SOE essentially get “first look” at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.

Below is a current list of Scytl customers…

Read it.

Update 2: At Hump Day Report

…There was fraud in 2008, they’ll do it again (Shaka to Terri for the link.)

Wikileaks reveals Democrat 2008 election crimes  ”The latest activity by Wikileaks dumped some 5 million emails and documents hacked from the database of Stratfor Intelligence. The emails reveal Democrats’ effort to steal the 2008 election.”

Are we trying to emulate Egypt?

Egyptian Cleric: It’s an ‘Obligation to Cheat at Elections’ | FrontPage Magazine  ”Over and over, evidence emerges from Islamic nations that democracy and voting are instrumental means to an intrinsic end: the establishment of a decidedly undemocratic but draconian form of law—Islamic law, or Sharia.”  In the case of the United States, it’s ObamaLaw…

Update 3: H/T The Kitchen Cabinet on Facebook:

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