DOD ‘authorized leakers’ directive bodes ill for whistleblowers

David Codrea
Gun Rights Examiner

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Congress must now be notified by the Pentagon “whenever a DoD official discloses classified intelligence to a reporter on an authorized basis, or declassifies the information specifically for release to the press,” Secrecy News reported Tuesday, citing a new Department of Defense Directive.

Per the Senate Intelligence Committee, “This provision is intended to ensure … these authorized disclosures may be distinguished from unauthorized ‘leaks’.”

Pointing out parallels and equivalence between “authorized leakers” and “Authorized Journalists” hardly seems unfounded. Extrapolating the same principle, it’s easy to envision Dianne Feinstein demanding special protections for “real leakers,” and Joe Biden envisioning how “legitimate news leakers” can help the administration advance its goals…



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