Dodd dodges protestors

The Register Citizen
Litchfield County, CT

ITCHFIELD – Rather than face a crowd of protestors who jeered at his appearance, Sen. Chris Dodd entered LaCupola’s restaurant through the back entrance Saturday for a luncheon with Democrats.

Lining Route 202 and carrying signs that read “Dump Dodd,” more than 80 protestors underscored the political perils the senator faces as he runs for a seventh-term.

Quinnipiac polls released earlier this month show 54 percent of Connecticut voters disapprove of Dodd’s job performance. Polls have him trailing Republican challenger Rob Simmons by more than 10 percent ahead of next year’s election.

In a speech to state and local Democratic party leaders that included outgoing Stanford mayor Dan Malloy and state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Dodd defended his record on health care, financial reform, and women’s rights.

Dodd said Democrats were on the cusp of a historic legislative victory. The Senator would travel to Washington Saturday night for the senate’s vote to begin full debate on health care legislation.

“This is about a lot more than me,” he said.

Still, Dodd said he knew he faced a tough re-election fight.

Addressing his critics, Dodd pulled out a leather-bound copy of the United States Constitution — a gift, he said, from West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd when he entered the senate in 1981.

“I’d lay down my life for their constitutional rights,” he said. “Even if I’m not sure they’d do the same thing for me.”

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