Does Anyone in the Media Have a Sense of Humor?

Sarah Palin obviously enjoys tweaking the pantywaists in the media, and these morons keep falling for it every time, acting like hysterical babies. Do any of these twits have the slightest sense of humor?

Here she goofs on them with a Facebook post yesterday, referencing March Madness. I guess they forget she used to play basketball in high school.

To the teams that desire making it this far next year: Gear up! In the battle, set your sights on next season’s targets! From the shot across the bow – the first second’s tip-off – your leaders will be in the enemy’s crosshairs, so you must execute strong defensive tactics. You won’t win only playing defense, so get on offense! The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons – your Big Guns – to drive to the hole. Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win.

Focus on the goal and fight for it. If the gate is closed, go over the fence. If the fence is too high, pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, parachute in. If the other side tries to push back, your attitude should be “go for it.” Get in their faces and argue with them. (Sound familiar?!) Every possession is a battle; you’ll only win the war if you’ve picked your battles wisely. No matter how tough it gets, never retreat, instead RELOAD!

She clearly has a sense of humor coming after all the whining recently about using the word crosshairs, notably from whiny wieners like Weiner

…Today a Barack Obama donor was charged with threatening to kill GOP Congressman Eric Cantor. Will all these same people wetting their pants over Palin take Obama to task for telling his supporters to get in people’s faces?

Read the whole thing at JammieWearingFool.

From September 2008:

Update: As Jim Geraghty is fond of saying, every promise from Obama comes with an expiration date. All of them.

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