DOJ files lawsuit against Arizona

via Greta Van Susteren

At 2:33 pm ET Van Susteren blogged that this story was breaking but did not supply any further details.

Update 1: At 2:59 pm ET CBS News’ Mark Knoller wrote on Twitter,

The federal brief says the Ariz law “conflicts with federal immigration law” and has thereby “crossed a constitutional line.”

DOJ says the Ariz law “unconstitutionally interferes” with federal authority to set & enforce immigration policy.

[CAJ note: But, uh, the feds are NOT enforcing current immigration law. That’s the problem in Arizona…]

Update 2: At 3:11 PM ET CA Congressman Darrell Issa wrote on Twitter,

Border violence, drug/human trafficking…and Obama files a lawsuit AGAINST Arizona border protection?:

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