DOJ told Ferguson police to NOT release video, calling it ‘inflammatory’

Feds had copy of the video

The Right Scoop




Goldie Taylor is an MSNBC contributor who’s followed this case closely. She tries to spin it as evidence that the Ferguson police were acting rashly in releasing the video, but doesn’t it show that the Obama administration is trying to keep information away from the public?…

…Isn’t it kind of insulting to black people that the Obama administration thinks they can’t handle the truth?

The complete article is at The Right Scoop.


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Ferguson, Mo., police — who had been accused earlier this week of responding to rioters in an overly aggressive manner — decided to back off last night and early this morning. The result was entirely predictable…




Video Shows Michael Brown Stealing Cigars From Store Before Shooting


…Three minutes after a 911 dispatcher reported the incident, Brown had been shot…




Update: ‘GENTLE GIANT’: Mike Brown’s VERY Explicit Rap Songs Praising Drugs, Drinking, Ho’s & Murder (audio) (language warning)

Well, this kind of destroys the ‘gentle giant’ narrative spun in the media…





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