'Don't know much about history…'

The Incredibly Depressing Answers College Students Gave When Asked What the Holocaust Was and When It Began

Sharona Schwartz
The Blaze

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A Pennsylvania woman set out with a video camera to learn what college students in her state know about the Holocaust — and discovered an incredible lack of knowledge not only of the genocide of the Jews, but of basic facts about U.S. history and World War II.

Rhonda Fink-Whitman visited college campuses in Pennsylvania this fall, including the venerated Ivy League institution the University of Pennsylvania, where she was repeatedly faced with a remarkable ignorance about events that took place in the last century…

…At the University of Pennsylvania, Fink-Whitman asked students how many years ago the Holocaust occurred. One woman thought it happened around 1800 and then guessed 300 years ago.

Students couldn’t say what kind of camps prisoners were held in. When prompted with the letter “c,” a male student figured out the answer “concentration camps.” But he couldn’t name even one. He also didn’t know what Auschwitz was when asked…

…“You can’t blame the kids,” she said. “Nobody’s teaching it to them. By the time they get to college, they should know a thing or two about the Holocaust and other genocides so when the plague of denial creeps onto their campus they’re armed and ready with the truth.”…



The complete article, with a startling video, is at The Blaze.



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