D'Souza: ISIS Shows What Happens in a World Without Us

Breitbart TV
29 Aug 2014

Filmmaker and author of “America: Imagine a World without Her,” Dinesh D’Souza said that recent rise of ISIS and aggression by Russia prove his point that a world without American influence is dangerous. “When I came up with the subtitle for the book and the film, which is ‘America: Imagine a World without Her’ I truly meant it as a hypothetical … let’s imagine, let’s envision what the world might look like if American influence begins to be diminished, begins to be subtracted.  Well, gee, we don’t actually have to imagine because that’s what Obama’s doing” he stated.

And “when American leadership subsides, this [the current state of foreign affairs] is kind of what we have to learn to expect.”

D’Souza also criticized the media for failing to hold Obama accountable for his foreign policy failures, declaring “in this country the media, the mainline media has not been holding Obama accountable, the guy has actually been on a six year honeymoon,” adding that “there is a desperate desire on the part of many in the media that this first African-American president not fail.”



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