Early Check Out: The World Gets Crazier and Obama Goes Golfing

Bill Whittle
PJ Media

If bad/worse things happen, will Obama be able to handle it, or will he simply check out? In one of his harshest criticisms yet, Bill illustrates his concern.





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…Even before Obama’s first term, it was known that he had a famously cool style, few friends, and a history of being emotionally removed. His allies may not have done their homework on the character of the man they were electing, but his personality was no secret whatsoever…

…“He was not a warm person. He was not the type of person that gave you a warm and fuzzy [feeling]. And you got the sense that he even wasn’t even terribly fixated or focused on what he was doing.

Liebau also describe Obama as a guy “whose eyes were always looking over your shoulder to see if anyone more important is in the room” and that he was always looking for “bigger and better things.”..



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