Earnest: President Will Veto Any Spending Plan that Limits Exec. Action

Barbara Boland

…“Sen. McConnell, the incoming Senate Majority Leader, said himself just a week or so after the election, ‘We will not be shutting the government down or threatening to default on the national debt,’” said Earnest. “I think that’s a pretty clear statement from among one of the most influential Republicans in Congress that a government shutdown is not in the offing here.”

In other words, if Congress intends to use its power of the purse, Obama is going to call that bluff.



The complete article, with video, is at MRC TV



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…“This of course is not the first time that the president has changed his tune on a major issue to the American people,” Megyn Kelly said tonight, referencing Obama’s repeated pledge that those who liked their health care plans could keep them.

Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “The Kelly File” to discuss.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when this Harvard educated, University of Chicago Law School-hired, so-called constitutional scholar […] doesn’t understand the basics of the Constitution and the job and the role of the president of the United States,” he said, stressing that Obama doesn’t have the authority to change or rewrite the law…



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