Earthquake! UK Independence Party Makes History With EU Election Victory

Nick Hallett
Breitbart London
25 May 2014

The UK Independence Party are on course to win the European Elections in the UK in what looks set to be a historic victory for the insurgent anti-EU party.

With the majority of UK regions having declared their results, at the time of writing UKIP have 22 seats (up 10), the Conservatives 16 (down five), Labour 14 (up five), the Greens two (up one), and the Liberal Democrats one (down eight).

This is the first time in British history that a political party with no MPs in the House of Commons has come first in a national election, and marks a new high point for UKIP as voters abandon the traditional parties.

Speaking after the result for South East England was announced, party leader Nigel Farage described UKIP’s performance as “the most extraordinary event in British politics for 100 years.”

One of the biggest surprises of the night has been the relatively disappointing performance for the main opposition Labour party, who are struggling to finish second ahead of the Conservatives. This will be the first time in 30 years that the main opposition party has failed to win the European Elections, and will inevitably lead to questions about the leadership of Ed Miliband as next year’s General Election approaches.

The party had been a comfortable second in most polls before the elections, with some early polls even putting them in front. The fact they are now struggling for second place with the Conservatives will surprise and disappoint the party’s leadership…



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Nigel Farage’s UKIP victory speech

Nigel Farage tonight hailed Ukip’s victory in the European elections as the most ‘extraordinary result in British politics for 100 years’…



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