Education should teach students to think for themselves

Secular education should teach children to think for themselves

Blazing Cat Fur

“Iain T. Benson, in his Citizen article “Why ‘public’ should not mean ‘atheist'” (Sept. 16), argues convincingly that secularity need not be opposed to religion. He is right that a secular government should not take up arms against either religion in general or any particular religion.

But then Benson concludes that a secular government, at least in a diverse or pluralistic country, should protect and nurture religious and other cultural groups…”

Mark Mercer in the Citizen.

Related and a view I know Mark disagrees with:

Get the state out of education by David Warren
“If you could completely privatize just one government function, what would that be?”

Without much hesitation, my answer to that question would be, education…

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