Edwin Vargas, Jr., Marxist Veteran, Seeks Hartford, CT, Mayoralty

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Long time Latino and Democratic Party activist Edwin Vargas, Jr. has announced a bid for the Hartford, Connecticut mayoralty.

One of several announced candidates for the November election, Vargas, who currently serves on Hartford’s planning and zoning commission, must be considered a strong contender.

Vargas’ activist roots go back to 1971 when Hartford Connecticut received an influx of 30 Puerto Rican university students, who came to the city to teach and study – many, including Edwin Vargas, were active members of the pro Cuban, and staunchly Marxist-Leninist  Puerto Rican Socialist Party.

…In the early 1980s, Vargas and LaLuz were both also affiliated to the  Communist Party USA front U.S. Peace Council, an affiliate of the Soviet front World Peace Council.

Most of Vargas’ career has been spent in teaching.  He has been active within the American Federation of Teachers, including as a member of the union’s K through 12 Program and Policy Committee.

Vargas has also served as President of the Greater Hartford Labor Council AFL-CIO, President of the Puerto Rican PAC,  President of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, and for five years as an official advisor to the Governor of Puerto Rico on issues affecting the U. S. – based Puerto Rican Community…

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