EmailGate: First Lois Lerner, Then Hillary Clinton, Now Eric Holder. How Corrupt Is This Administration?

We have found Nixon’s successors: they’re all Democrats.

Michael Van Der Galien
PJ Tatler
PJ Media

Although we all talk about Hillary’s EmailGate, we shouldn’t forget that this controversy actually started with Lois Lerner. When Republicans tried to find out whether the IRS had purposefully targeted conservative organizations, this former head of the Internal Revenue Service said her email had suddenly disappeared. Mark “The Great One” Levin debunked that excuse months ago…

…The mainstream media focus on Hillary, but she’s merely one of many in the Obama administration who play fast and loose with the rules. When running for office Obama promised his administration would be transparant, open and honest. Instead, it seems that the U.S. is now governed by an administration more corrupt than Nixon’s.

What do you think? Are these just innocent accidents or is the administration trying to hide something? Is this the most corrupt and secretive administration since President Nixon’s?



The complete article, with audio, is at PJ Media.



CAJ note:  Let’s not forget Lisa Jackson (aka ), late of the EPA, who was apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

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