Emails Show Corruption At Heart Of Administration


Corruption: New emails show that both the IRS and Justice Department were involved in a probe of Tea Party and other conservative groups. This is no mere scandal — it’s a major breach of the law.

The newly released emails were gathered for a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, a nonpartisan public interest law group. They show that former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner discussed with the Justice Department going after conservative groups that she believed lied about their political activities.

What’s shocking is that this discussion came just days before Lerner acknowledged that the IRS had investigated tea-party and other conservative groups but insisted that it was an isolated incident conducted by low-level officials in the IRS’ Cincinnati office.

It was a lie…

…Moreover, the IRS coordinated some of its attacks against conservatives and the GOP with far-left Democrats in Congress, including Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. This wasn’t isolated; it was a campaign…



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