Embassy Telling Muslims That US is Taking Action Against Moviemaker

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine

The story comes to us second-hand from a Muslim who then retold it to a newspaper, and it’s possible that it was exaggerated along the way. And if we hadn’t seen the Obama Administration try to censor the film and if we hadn’t seen the filmmaker led away for questioning, then this would be easier to dismiss.

Leaders of various Muslim organizations on Monday submitted a memorandum to US embassy in Kathmandu, in protest of a film produced in the US that ‘denigrates’ Islam´s Prophet Muhammad.

Talking to Republica Online, Gulam Rashid Miya, a delegation member, said they drew the US attention to the ‘offence’ caused by the film to the faith of Muslim fraternity in Nepal and all over the world.

According to him, during the meeting, the embassy official told them that the US government as well as 99 percent of US citizens is against the production of the film. He also informed that his government is in the process of taking action against the producer of the film…

The article continues at FrontPage Magazine.



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