Emily’s List: Let’s nail Palin in the name of, uh, women!

Tammy Bruce

We’re Emily’s List and if liberal women aren’t inspiring women anymore, then why should Sarah Palin be allowed to do it!

Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s target and try to undermine as many independent Women! as possible to prove that you can stand up for Women! by making sure one particular Woman! you don’t like doesn’t keep inspiring and encouraging, uh, Women! Or something.

Oh yeah, and let’s now take a lot of time and money from supporting women candidates we like by spending it on trying to stop other women candidates from being successful. Because, uh, it’s really not at all about Women! It’s about being shills for the Left, which has been so successful in making sure we finally have equality. After all, Obama and the Dems have finally brought us Equal Pay for Equal Workno one has a job and we’re all making the same amount of nothing! So Go Women! Or actually, Go Some Women, but not all!! Yea!! After all, if we can’t inspire Women! anymore, why should we allow someone else to do it?

Emily’s List takes on Sarah Palin’s list (of candidates)

The rest of the article, with video, is at TammyBruce.com

Update: Read also NewsRealBlog “The New Misogyny: Americans Applaud Brutal Attack on Tila Tequila”

From a post at Red Alerts:

You don’t need to be a fan of Tila Tequila to be disgusted and outraged by the attack; in theory you just need to be an American with a semi-functioning moral compass and a vague idea that women shouldn’t be roughed up by crowds made up predominantly of men. If you have a fully functioning moral compass and are in possession of such out of fashion attributes as being a red-blooded American or having a strong sense of right and wrong, the story of a fellow American being attacked by a crowd so violent the trailer in which security hid her was destroyed would leave you shaking with rage. But for many Americans the only shaking they are doing is of a sanctimonious finger at the victim for daring to be successful.

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