English Defense League respect 9/11 victims, oppose Muslim extremists

11th September 2010

Over 150 English Defence League members marched to pay their respects to those killed on 9/11 at the Grosvenor Square memorial, going on for a brief stop at the American Embassy before going on to protest at the Saudi Embassy. London, UK.

The English Defence League (EDL) gathered at the ‘Hog in the Pound’ next to Bond Street station and were met by a group of press photographers. This time there were no incidents or arguments with the photographers by the EDL and a number of the marchers posed to have their pictures taken.

Eventually the EDL set off to march the short distance to Grosvenor Square Gardens, with one woman member carrying a large wreath to lay there, with the message “Victims of 9/11. We deeply regret the loss on that sad day. English Defence League.” A little way behind in the crowd was another woman carrying the EDL Dudley Division wreath, with its message “Never Forget & Never Surrender.”

As the march came into Grosvenor Square, the marchers became silent, forming up into a row facing the memorial with their banners while the wreaths were being laid. They then observed a two minute silence before marching away to the US Embassy. There photographers mingled with the marchers, taking more photographs and talking to the marchers.

From the US Embassy the marchers went to the Saudi Embassy for a highly vocal protest over the terrorist atrocity in New York and Islamic extremism more widely. At first the police took them to a pound in Charles St, opposite the back door of the Embassy, but after some discussion were persuaded to let them demonstrate opposite the front of the embassy in Curzon St…

The article, with additional photos, continues at Demotix.

Meanwhile, from the religion of peace, Muslims Burn US Flag at Embassy

Extremist Muslims from ‘Muslims Against the Crusades’, led by Anjem Choudary at a protest against the threatened burning of the Quran burnt a US Flag and a photo of pastor Terry Jones outside the US Embassy. London, UK…

…Several of those speaking outside the embassy, including Choudary, expressed praise fot the 9/11 terrorists, seeing them as on the side of truth, the Shari’ah and God against the forces of falsehood, man made laws secularism and liberal democracy…

The complete article with more photos is at Demotix.

A huge H/T to Blazing Cat Fur for this article and for the generous mention of CAJ on their site today.

Update from Gates of Vienna: Tommy Robinson Turned Back at JFK

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson flew in to John F. Kennedy airport in New York tonight. He planned to attend the demonstration against the Ground Zero mosque on September 11th, along with fellow members of the EDL and other European sympathizers who have come to the USA for the occasion.

According to EDL members who accompanied Mr. Robinson to New York, he was met by two policemen (or possibly two TSA officers) as soon as he stepped off the plane. They took him into custody and almost immediately put him on a plane back to London.

It’s like when Geert Wilders was sent back to the Netherlands from Heathrow, only a much longer flight. My sympathies go out to Tommy Robinson over the Atlantic right now, sitting through seventeen grueling hours of plane travel at one go.

The ostensible reason why he was deported was that he had filled out his entry form improperly, but it’s obvious that the British authorities had informed their DHS counterparts that he was coming, and advised them to send him back using any available pretext.

One of my EDL contacts says he was shadowed by British police at Heathrow right up until the moment he got on the plane. It’s even possible that plainclothes officers were on board with him during the flight.

Those are all the details I know right now. I’ll keep you posted if anything else arrives.

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