Environmentalists Who Literally Trampled World History May Face Legal Action

Stephen Gutowski
The Washington Free Beacon

The Greenpeace activists that recently trampled the ancient Nazca lines are now facing legal action from the government of Peru. Officials are now trying to prevent those activists from leaving the country so they can be charged, according to The Guardian.

Peru will seek criminal charges against Greenpeace activists who it says damaged the world-renowned Nazca lines by leaving footprints in the adjacent desert during a publicity stunt.

“It’s a true slap in the face at everything Peruvians consider sacred,” said Luis Jaime Castillo, the deputy culture minister, after the action by the environmental group on Monday, at the famed drawings etched into Peru’s coastal desert, a UN world heritage site.

However, a court has rebuffed initial government efforts to detain the activists and many of them have already fled the country. President Ollanta Humala was unhappy about the court’s move and says he will continue to pursue the environmentalists that damaged the national treasure…



The complete article is at The Washington Free Beacon.



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